Wheelchair Lift

Item No.: DP series
1.Emergency Stop:The lifting and lowering process can be stopped immediately by pressing the emergency button.
2.Safety device: Safety Interlock  lock the platform when it is out of control.
3.Safety Sensor:The operation must be stopped immediately the
One of the most common challenges faced by wheelchair users is going through steps in public or private areas. 
If you are considering an alternative to your current method of going up and down stairs, 
a wheelchair lift might be your best choice.Our wheelchair lift is a short rise vertical elevating system. This durable and easy to use vertical lift is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications requiring vertical transportation up to 6 meters.
Model Nomber DP0.25-(1.0~7.0)
Platform size 1250mmLx 1050mmW
Dimension 1290mm(L) x 1530mm(W) x ( Travel height +700~1020 mm(H))
Max Platform Height 1m 1.5m 2m 2.5m 3m 3.5m 4m 5m 6m
Min Platform height 104mm
Speed 2.0m/min
Load capacity 250KG
Control voltage 36V/DC
Power Output 1.5kw~2.2KW  
Power Input 220V/50HZ/16A
Drive System Hydraulic
Control Mode Inching Switch or Automatic
Overload Protection Over current relay
Material of Platform Plastic electrostatic spraying
Painting Plastic electrostatic spraying
Safety Wane Working Range ≥75°
Oil tank capacity 5L(by stroke)
Oil pressure 20-22Mpa
Working Condition Both indoors and outdoors
Working Temperature -10°~60°C(Cold area can add antifreeze into the hydraulic oil)
Non-pit installation, directly fixed to concrete floor the concrete
Installation floor below the platform shall not be lower than the ground
Lift Platform Panel Antiskid Resistant Checkered Plate
Calling box (installed on the wall nearby),remote
Control Device controller and platform controller
The lifting and lowering process can be stopped immediately
Emergency Stop by pressing the emergency button.
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