Semi-Electric vacuum lifter

Item No.: Semi-Electric vacuum lifter-TS0416
Semi-Electric vacuum lifter-TS0416 for handling and install glass sheets etc inside/outside buildings.
This glass suction cup car uses the European safety standards to automatically adjust and control the working pressure, and uses a dual-pipe system to monitor safety to prevent accidents. This machine is environmentally friendly, easy to operate, and has the following features:
1. Manually control walking.
2. Electro-hydraulic lifting height 1600mm or 2500mm.
3. Manually rotation, 180 degrees horizontally and vertically.
4. The product is small in size and easy to enter the elevator.

Model: TS0416
Capacity: 400kg(Horizontal)  200kg(Vertical)
Suction cup frame adjustable width: 1000 to 1400mm
Max height of the suction cup(Horizontal):1600mm/2500mm
Min height of the suction cup(Horizontal): 140mm
Max height of the suction cup(Vertical): 2268mm
Min height of the suction cup(Vertical): 808mm
QTY of caps: 4xφ30
The vertical direction can be turned down by 90 degrees.
The horizontal direction can be rotated 90 degrees to the left and right.
Battery: 2x12V/70A
Charger: 24V/10A
Lift motor: 24V/2000W
Overall Length:1450mm
Overall Width: 800mm
Overall Height: 2000mm
Net Weight: 425kg
Packing size: 1550*1100*2100mm  Gross Weight: 500kg
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