Aerial Work Platform

Mini Push around Scissor Lifts GKMS 3-3.9m

  • Self-propelled Scissor Lifts Mini GKES 3m 
    Mini GKES electric scissor lifts are designed to lift 1 worker up to 3m height for aerial operations in workshop, train station, super market, shipping yard and airport and so on. 
    They can automatically drive forwards and backwards, lift up and down, including also the steering. It is an ideal working device for daily aerial operations. 

    Platform lock, emergency lowering/stop device for safety;
    2 wheel driving, automatic braking system, you could drive it at full height; 
    Circuit fault code display to recognize the status for lift easily; 
    High-temperature protection for controller;
    Extension platform for wider operation range; 
    Forklift working hole for transit;