Mobile Aluminium Work Platform (Single Mast)

Item No.: PL series
1.The product can be powered by DC or AC according to the order.
2.The external size is small after folded. It can be moved into elevator and pass ordinary door or narrow passage.
3.There are two controllers for ascending and descending.
4.It has uniq
Model Number PL06 PL08 PL10
Max. Platform Heigh mm 6000 8000 10000
Working Height mm 7700 9700 11700
Ground Clearance mm 80 80 80
Lift Rated Capacity kg 150 125 125
Platform Size mm 650x600
Outspread Size mm 1930x1770
Electrical Source AC V 220
DC V 24
Battery v/Ah 2x12/60
Charger v/A 24/10
Lifting Motor AC v/kw 220/0.75
DC v/kw 24/2.0
Overall Length mm 1330
Overall Width mm 800
Overall Height mm 1950 2050 2150
Overall Net Weight AC kg 300 350 400
DC kg 330 380 430
*The factory reserves the amending right for the materials, And technical specifications.
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