Hand Pallet Truck

Item No.: A101 A102
1. Reduce maintenance cost
2. Improve working efficiency
3. Increase truck service life
1. High reliability, suitable for a variety of environments. It can be used for 3~ 5years under normal maintenance.
2. The first design of forging & casting integral pump, which prevents any loosening and leakage.
3. High-strength alloy steel carefully rafted, increased loading capacity.
4. Set the active safety valve to prevent overloading of operation.
5. 54mm fork thickness ensures high capacity.
Model No.   A101 A102
Load capacity kg 2500 3000
Steering wheel mm Φ180x50 Φ180x50
Fork wheel single mm Φ80x70 /Φ74x70 Φ80x70 /Φ74x70
Fork wheel tandem mm Φ80x93/ Φ74x93 Φ80x93/ Φ74x93
Lifting height mm 200/190 200/190
Lowered height mm 85/75 85/75
Overall length mm 1534/1604 1534/1604
Fork dimensions            s/e/l mm 54/160/1150(1220) 54/160/1150(1220)
Distance between fork-arms mm 520/550/680 520/550/680
Turning radius mm 1249/1319 1249/1319
Ground clearance, centre of wheelbase mm 32 32
Height of tiller in drive position max mm 1224 1224
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