Item No.: TN series
1.Battery powered travel and lift, electromagetic brake.
2.Multi way valve controls lift and tilt of forks.
3.Vertical driving wheel unit has excellent reliability,
4.power and the wheel can be replaced rapidly.
5.Compact three fulcrum type, small st
1.Our walkie stacker forklift adopts high performance Curtis electric control system from America.
2. High-capacity traction battery can generate enough electricity for a whole day workload.
3.Imported MAHLE hydraulic pump station provides strong power. 4. Intelligent charger can effectively prolong the service life of battery.
5. The mast can tilt angle forward and backward, making the operation more secure and convenient
6. Due to its small size, the stacker can be easily operated in narrow aisles.
7. Low noise, no pollution, low failure rate.
8. Applicable to various kinds of pallets.
Model Number   TN1025
Driving style   Pedestrian
Load capacity kg 1000
Load center mm 400
Overall length mm 2280
Overall width mm 840
Min. overall height mm 1865
Fork dimension     L×b×m mm 920×100×32
Outside width of forks mm 240560
Ground clearance mm 80
Base distance  mm 1130
Wheel material   PU
Front wheel size mm φ200×80
Driving wheel size mm φ230×80
Min. steering radius mm 1350
Min. width of aisle mm 2480
Max. height of forks mm 2500   
Max. overall height  mm 3310
Fork tilt angle forward     α (°) 2
backward    β (°) 5
Travel speed(laden/unladen) km/h 4.5/5.5
Lift speedladen/unladen mm/s 100/135
Lower speedladen/unladen mm/s 325/220
Gradeability % 8
Brake type   Electromagnetic
Power of driving motor kw 1.2
Power of lift motor kw 2.0
Battery capacity/voltage Ah/V 240/24
Weight of battery kg 240
NeT weightwithout baattery kg 1360
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