Aerial Work Equiment
Full Electric Mini Scissor Lift Platform

Scissor lift working platforms are widely used in installation, maintenance, and cleaning of high-altitude equipment such as sites, factories, warehouses, grain depots, stations, hotels, airports, terminals, gas stations, stadiums, elevated pipelines etc. It can also be used for lifting equipment maintenance, field power construction, etc.
In terms of power supply, it has two main types: Full electric type and Semi electric type.
In terms of shape of the platform, it has two main types: Mini type and standard type.
Main specifications:
1. Platform load capacity: 300kg
2. Platform working height:
For mini type scissor lift platform, it is from 1800mm to 4800mm.
For standard type scissor lift platform, it is from 6000mm to 12000mm.
Main features:
1. Battery driven, low noise, no pollution, suitable for all kinds of working environment.
2. Automatic pothole protection system, safer and more reliable.
3. One-way extension platform, can quickly reach the operating point.
4. Automatic display of fault codes for easy maintenance

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