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Wide application of order picker

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Author : Jenny Jiang
Update time : 2019-11-29 14:05:44
Order picker are widely used in factories, industries, properties, buildings, warehouses, airports, gas stations and other places. Especially It is a good helper for farmers, for example, it can used on the cherries, grapes etc fruits as well as the vegetables’ s picking.
In terms of power supply, it has two main types: Full electric type and Semi electric type.
Main specifications:
Platform load capacity: 300kg
Max. Platform height from 2700mm to 4500mm.
1. Walking and lifting all by electric.
The electric order picker can carry 300 kg and lift 2700 to 4500mm.

2. Spacious operating platform.
The order picker has a wide operating platform and a high-quality non-slip surface, which embodies good stability and ensures safe operation at high altitude.

Suitable for single person operation.
It is mainly used for picking and placing items in narrow spaces such as warehouses, workshops, elevators, supermarkets, and subway stations.

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