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forklift truck diesel,Electric forklift: application and mai
2017-10-10 13:36
forklift truck diesel  1, electric forklift battery charging when the insertion order is:
Unplug the a\ forklift battery socket,
B\ port (car battery socket and the movable end of the charger is connected),
C\ the charger AC power supply is connected with power AC380V or AC220V power supply. Turn on the switch, the working light is on, and when the battery is full, the indicator light is full.
Note: during charging off the charging plug to produce arc, the charger can be turned off, pull the plug. After charging a lot of hydrogen around the storage battery, do not allow any open flame, should open the battery cover to charge.
2, the battery should try to avoid over charge and over discharge, the monomer battery voltage down to 1.70V should be added in a timely manner, the meter shows 70% or less when the discharge, often over discharge will affect the battery capacity. When the battery discharge is close to the limit, the forklift control system will automatically start the protection function, the first limit l motor forklift, walking motor can continue to work at this time should travel to the area of forklift charging power.
3, the battery should be charged after each use, the longest interval shall not exceed 24 hours. 4, the battery charge should be in a cool, ventilated, far away from the open flame environment, so as to avoid hydrogen explosion.
5, to prevent loss of electricity storage, loss of electricity storage is the most harmful to the battery. A battery that is not used for a long period of time must be supplemented once a month.
6, the battery surface, the connection line and bolt should be kept clean and dry.
7, the battery connection must maintain good contact, lest cause sparks burn or cause the explosion of the battery pole.
8, the battery shall not fall into any harmful impurities, measuring electrolyte density, temperature and liquid level instruments should be kept clean.
9, the battery cover can not be placed any conductive items, so as not to cause the battery short circuit.
Daily check
1, liquid level: below the rated liquid level, will shorten the service life of the battery, and the electrolyte will lead to battery heat damage, therefore, must always pay attention to the electrolyte is enough.
2, terminal, wire, cover: must always check the battery terminal connection, and the connection of the wire due to oxidation caused by corrosion, at the same time check whether the deformation of the lid, whether there is a fever.
3, appearance: battery surface dirty will cause leakage, should make the battery surface clean, dry.
Two, regular maintenance:
Every half month level or check the battery electrolyte (open the battery cover to check) and the proportion, if not to the level it should be timely to add distilled water until the visible surface (can not use tap water or mineral water or electrolyte), the proportion of deviation from the specified value should be adjusted when.