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forklift truck electric,Battery forklift operation knowledge
2017-02-09 10:21
forklift truck electric 1, adhere to the appropriate start speed, should not be too fierce;
2, pay attention to watch the voltmeter voltage, if the voltage is lower than the limit, the forklift should immediately end operation;
3, forklift during walking, do not allow the bias switch and change driving bias, with real burned electrical components and damaged gear
4, driving and promotion should not stop at the same time;
5, pay attention to the driving system, steering system of the invention can sound very abnormal, sound to eliminate real problems, sickness is prohibited;
6, to speed up the transformation;
7, in the case of a poor way to work hours, the weight should be properly increased, and should reduce the speed;
8, in the large slope road goods, we should pay attention to the goods in the fork on the strong level.