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electric forklift,User differences in how to choose forklift
2017-02-06 10:09
1, electric forklift forklift type choice
Indoor and outdoor users how to choose forklift? In the room (including warehouse, workshop operation, etc.) in order to reduce air pollution and noise, generally used in battery forklift is appropriate; in outdoor work, especially in the field of road is not very flat under the condition of the internal combustion forklift well. 3 diesel forklift forklift used in common, if there is no special requirements, generally use diesel forklift. A small North user considering the characteristics of winter temperature is low, the engine is not easy to start, in order to start the engine and the choice of Forklift Gasoline, but with the use of direct injection diesel engine in forklift truck, solve the difficult problem of engine starting in winter, so the gas in the domestic forklift fork car market sales will be less and less. In addition, with the country's restrictions on polite pollution, environmental requirements are getting higher and higher, the use of liquefied petroleum gas forklift truck as an outdoor work is also increasing, and will become a trend.
2, the choice of transmission mode
In the internal combustion forklift 3 transmission mode, the current domestic users to choose the most is the mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission forklift forklift, forklift hydrostatic transmission due to the high price, high maintenance requirements, troubleshooting problems, higher maintenance costs, users are not selected. Usually in the work is not continuous, daily working time is not long (5H), mechanical transmission forklift can meet the use requirements. In order to improve the working efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of the forklift driver, it is better to choose the hydraulic transmission forklift truck for continuous work, frequent work, heavy load and 2 shifts, and the other is class 3. With the improvement of the reliability of hydraulic transmission forklift truck, because of the advantages of stepless speed change, convenient operation, high efficiency and so on, the users of hydraulic forklift will be increased.
3, forklift power choice
At present some of the major domestic forklift enterprises, in order to meet the different needs of customers, a variety of domestic and imported engine equipped in each diesel forklift for users to choose, these engines not only domestic and imported, and the size of the engine power. For general users can choose to use the domestic engine configuration forklift, the price is cheaper, more convenient maintenance service. For heavy workload, long working hours, users can choose imported engines, in order to reduce the failure rate and improve its reliability. For the situation is particularly heavy, the working environment is particularly bad for users, it is recommended to use high-power imported engine.
4, battery forklift choice
How does the user choose the forklift (battery forklift)? Battery forklift truck is mainly used for indoor operation, the general use of heavy duty battery forklift, including three fulcrum and the four fulcrum. For the narrow channel, at the top of the shelf stacking and forks goods or into the elevator floor operation users can choose forward type battery or battery forklift pallet truck.
5, crane lifting quality and lifting height selection
Each kind of forklift rated lifting quality refers to the goods in the center of the standard load center distance within the forklift, forklift gantry vertical lifting forklift to standard lifting height (China standard lifting height for 3000mm) by lifting the quality of the goods. Therefore, users in the selection of forklift tonnage, should according to the comparison of the loading and unloading of gravity and forklift standard load center size, such as the center of gravity of goods is equal to or less than the standard forklift load center distance, then the selected forklift rated lifting weight is equal to or larger than the quality of the goods. If the center of gravity of the goods is greater than the standard load center distance of the forklift, the tonnage of the forklift should be determined according to the load curve of the forklift.