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glass lifting equipment,What are the effects of high tempera
2017-02-06 10:06
glass lifting equipment First, choose the appropriate high temperature data. When the temperature is low when the data points to increase the fracture toughness is low, and the yield ratio is increased and the plasticity and toughness of the low, before the initiation of plastic deformation and crack expansion after the resistance is reduced, cause embrittlement of parts of the growth trend.
Second, pay attention to the welding structure of high temperature stress components and welding process. Before welding, the whole machine must be treated by shot peening, the oxide layer is removed, the oil stain and rust mark are eliminated, and the manual welding is strictly controlled by the dry level of the welding rod, and the welding rod needs to be dried through 300 DEG C to 350 DEG C.
Again, the proper choice of hydraulic oil, grease, diesel oil. Critical hydraulic oil viscosity, the viscosity is too high, the system of external friction resistance increases, the pressure loss increases, the oil temperature rise too fast, move control lag; too low viscosity, low volume pump effect, smooth function is poor, activities between parts of the friction resistance increases. The viscosity of hydraulic oil with the change of temperature, is to choose high temperature should pay special attention to the use of hydraulic oil.
Finally, pay attention to mobile scissor landing platform leg cylinder, seals. Storage room, leg must be half an hour, the goal is to reach the progress of oil temperature, storage temperature, the temperature is too high to avoid the occurrence of pressure of the cylinder; the rubber seal is an important role to the media not to disclose necessary seal seal. At high temperature, the seal is easy to lose elasticity, brittle damage occurs, so that the contact surface is damaged, which requires the seal has good elastic stability at high temperatures.
With the continuous development of the economy, now fixed landing gear has been in many industries, many areas have a more common use. But because the temperature difference between the areas of change is too large, many parts of our country because the temperature is too low to use equipment brought great inconvenience. So what should you do when you plan to use the landing gear?