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hand pallet truck,Description and advantages of manual hydra
2017-02-06 10:02
hand pallet truck The utility model relates to a manual hydraulic piling truck, which is a pollution free and energy free loading and unloading product. The product has the advantages of compact layout, convenient transportation, simple control, small turning radius, etc.. Apply to workshop, workshop, stack, station, wharf handling and storage of goods at. In dealing with the fire, explosion-proof request field (such as printing workshop, oil depot, dock, stack) is more suitable. If the common pallet boxes, containers and other units can be achieved by the transport, useful to reduce the collision of parts, scratches and stacking area, reducing the workload of handling, improve the handling efficiency. The single frame layout design, the turning radius is small, suitable for machinery manufacturing, papermaking, printing, transportation, logistics and other industry applications.
The description of the manual hydraulic stacker:
1, manual hydraulic pile itself is light weight, easy to control.
2, the application of electric hydraulic station.
3, high strength steel fork layout, safe reliable, durable.
4, high quality of the cylinder and the entrance sealing ring, greatly improve the sealing performance, reduce maintenance cost.
5, low prices, economic application.
Manual hydraulic pile car product advantages:
1, manual hydraulic stacker is an indispensable auxiliary tool for material handling, pallet handling the most convenient, the most important is that any person can control.
2, the appearance of the right, with a plastic handle clip, used particularly comfortable. The controller's hand is covered by a strong shield. Can be easily controlled by hand lifting, lowering and walking control lever, pallet car application simple, safe, comfortable.
3, torsion steel layout, manual hydraulic stacker fork made of high tensile steel. A sharp fork made of round, pull out the tray, the tray from the damaged wheel fork makes smoothly inserted into the tray.
4, a solid lifting system, can be satisfied with most of the lifting requirements, and according to the requirements of zinc. The pump cylinder is mounted on the heavy duty cover. Low level control valve and relief valve to ensure safety and extend the life of the application.
5, the wheel running, and is equipped with a sealed bearing, manual hydraulic pile of the front and rear wheels are made of wear-resistant nylon, rotation resistance is very small, and rubber, polyurethane or public tires for election.
6, the hydraulic system and the bearing intact without protection, but in extreme cases, such as in the case of wet or low pressure hose to stop flushing, all bearings are equipped with oil holes for refueling.